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The Perks of Running an Investor Friendly Full Service Real Estate Company

investor friendly real estate company

Kelly was an investor/agent that owned 850 units of her own, but when she decided to pivot to working with out-of-state investors, it gave her the financial and time freedom to live an incredible life. She shares ALL of her secrets to success on how to set up a full-service real estate company.

Kelly Kellett's company Blue Cord Realty in Clarksville, TN manages over 1,000 units and does 30 million a year in investor sales. Blue Cord Realty is one of the leading brokerages in Clarksville, TN, and does a tremendous amount of business in KY. Kelly is a "Super Agent" Referral Partner with Agents Invest. In 2021 she sent over 100 properties to our investors and has made over $780,000 in commission with us since 2018.

Did you know that you can speak with Mariah, our Director of Agent Relations 1:1, and get some of your burning questions answered?

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