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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Agents Invest?

Founded in 2016 by investment-focused agent Jennifer Beadles, Agents Invest is a referral-only real estate brokerage based in Seattle, WA providing a valuable service to real estate agents looking to work with more rental property investors.


What are the fees?

There are no up-front fees or marketing expenses for real estate agents to participate in our referral program.

We are compensated for our efforts of connecting you with rental property investors from coast-to-coast by referral fees on transactions closed with leads we provide you.


I'm a savvy, investor-friendly agent! How do I join?

For agents who want to work with investors, visit our agent page for details on the application process. If you are ready to apply, go here to apply. Don't forget to also join our Community of Investor-Friendly Agents to expand your network.


Which markets are your investors most interested in?

We work with hundreds of real estate investors who all have different criteria. Some investors are looking for markets that offer a higher appreciation rate, while other investors are looking for markets that offer higher returns and less appreciation.

That said, the best locations are cities where the population is increasing, where jobs are being created, and where the numbers make sense.

Not sure if your market meets our criteria? Apply to become an agent partner, and we will discuss that with you to see if it's a fit.


What else do I need to know about working with your investors?

The most successful relationships are when an Agent has all of the contacts that a real estate investor needs to buy multiple properties.

This includes a local property manager who can manage the property, a contractor or handyman who can address any repairs or upfront renovations, a licensed home inspector who can inspect the property, and an insurance agent who can help write the property insurance policy.