Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Agents Invest?

Founded in 2016, Agents Invest is a real estate investment brokerage based in Seattle, WA providing a valuable service to real estate investors looking to build or expand upon their rental portfolios.

Our team has researched markets across the United States, and determined the best areas to invest. We use criteria such as population growth, job growth, wage increases, crime rates, and rent growth.

We then assemble an investment team of investor agents, property managers, and contractors and source deals for our community.

Every week we share the best buy and hold deals with our investor community and make connections to our local teams. Want to join our deal list? You can do so here.

What are the fees?

For investors looking to save time, we offer a weekly deal list service where we source deals from local real estate agents and analyze them to ensure they fit our criteria for out-of-state investors. We then share those on and off-market deals with the investors on our deal list.

Busy investors have found that our deal list allows them to focus their time and efforts analyzing and negotiating deals versus having to research markets, interview agents, and create their own deal flow. It's a win-win!

Where do we find such agents?

For years, we've been networking with top investing agents, and many we've personally done deals with ourselves! Every agent is interviewed by our team before they can receive referrals. It's important that we only refer to high quality, reputable, and knowledgeable agents!

I'm a savvy, investor-friendly agent! How do I join?

For agents who want to work with investors, visit our agent page for details on the application process. If you are ready to apply, go here to submit an application.

Will you help walk me through the process of buying a property out of state?

While we are not able to work one on one with every investor, we do believe it is important to be educated when investing in real estate, and that's why we produce so much investing content.

Can I get a list of the contact information for all of your agent partners?

We do not share the contact information of all of our agent partners, instead, we share their best deals every week with investors on our deal list. We then make connections to our agent partners once an investor has found a deal they are interested in. This saves our agent partners time and allows investors the opportunity to select deals that they are qualified to purchase.