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How Agents Can Leverage Bigger Pockets for their Business

Nate Shields

Nate Shields will teach you all about using Bigger Pockets to connect with investors and explode your commissions. Nate is the real estate guru who busted out of his 9 to 5 and jumped into full-time real estate investing in 2013 - boy, did he run with it! And he knows all about the best ways to use Bigger Pockets.

Nate started in real estate in 2013 part-time as an agent. In just two years' time, Nate had 25 units stretched across three states. He quickly went full-time, enabling him to quit his 9 to 5. Few years into business, he discovered real estate investing.

With a partner, Nate lined up financing and purchased a property at auction. And that was only a start. Fast forward two and a half years, they had 25 units in three states (a mix of single family, small multifamily, and larger multifamily). Nate also started flipping properties on the side.

Nate is also a real estate educator. He does this through articles, his YouTube Channel and one-on-one coaching. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this!

Did you know that you can speak with Mariah, our Director of Agent Relations 1:1, and get some of your burning questions answered?

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