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Investor Agent Team Expansion to other States

team expansion

Mike has been an investor since 2010. He joined a residential real estate team full-time in 2014, and in 6 years as COO, helped grow that team from 7 agents to 50+ agents across 5 states, becoming the 31st largest team in the United States across all brokerages. He then formed his own team and migrated to becoming an investor-focused team soon after.

In 2022, his team expanded to SW Florida and also launched a capital company to invest in multi-family commercial projects alongside his teammates. He hosts the REL Freedom podcast, highlighting people building wealth and gaining time and financial freedom through opportunities in real estate, and has published over 120 episodes!

On the side, he also serves as a consultant to real estate teams across the United States looking to build, grow, and enhance their operations and backend systems. Outside of work, you can find Mike watching or playing sports with his beautiful wife and 3 sons in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

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