Working with investors in short term rental


working with investors in short-term rentals

Interested in working with Investors in Short-Term Rentals? This is perfect for you.

Should we just agree that Short Term Rentals is 🔥 business! New York City Real Estate Agent Tyler Coon tells us WHY he made the pivot from working with retail buyers to ONLY working with Investors in STR markets. He breaks down his strategies and goals for growing his business to cover the entire South Eastern U.S.

Based in Asheville, New York City, Tyler Coon is a real estate agent specializing in the Short Term Vacation Rental market. Operating in the entire Western NC market & Blue Ridge GA, Tyler's "Savvy Realty" team is growing throughout the Southeast exclusively working with investors to find their next STR gem."

To learn more have a look on full video on down below.

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