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What if cash flow didn’t really matter?


cash flow

Just about every investor wants cash flow from their properties right? 

Except…the ones who don’t. 

The reality is, some high-net-worth investors think differently. 

In fact, I was recently working with a $100M net worth client whose goal wasn’t cash flow at all.

I mean when you think about it, financially he’s set — why would he need the cash flow anyways?

So he was regularly buying houses that were $500,000 and renting them out for $2000. $0 in cash flow — no chance of making any money. 

But what he was really doing was building a legacy for his family.  

He’d buy high-end properties to attract great tenants, with rents bound to rise. Let the properties go up in value over time. Then, liquidate his portfolio after 5-7 years. His returns were absolutely incredible. 

Many investors have this same mindset — literally on stand-by — looking to diversify income and invest beyond the stock market right now

What it really comes down to is becoming their go-to agent of choice. Understanding ALL the different types of investors out there, what their needs are, and how to help them. 

That’s the name of the game. 

How are you positioning yourself as the agent of choice for these high-net-worth clients?

Inside the Bootcamp, we share tactical strategies for becoming the go-to investor agent facilitating ALL the sales in your market.

Take a peek at what you’ll accomplish when you join: 

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