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calculator bundle


Sometimes the best deals are not always the ones you would think…

BRRRs, STRs, and House Hacking are strategies that are booming right now. It would be a mistake not to jump on these opportunities. 

But, it can be a challenge to find deals that make sense

[First name], do you use a tool that can help run the numbers on these kinds of deals both quickly and accurately? 

If not, then our Premium Calculator Bundle is exactly what you need. With the bundle, you can run spot-on deal analysis, minus all the confusion, to create the cash-on-cash return your investor clients are after.


Inside the calculator bundle you’ll find:  

The BRRR Calculator: Help your investors recycle their capital to continue buying with you

The STR Calculator: Have every variable in check so your investors can be profitable even with seasonable properties

The House Hacking Calculator: Get your investors to pay minimal down to live in a new home  while tenants help pay off the mortgage  


And with all these calculators, you’ll get accurate data, every time, with the touch of a button. Not to mention how-to videos walking you through every single line item. 

By the way, I keep this calculator bundle handy for Every. Single. Deal. And it has yet to lead me astray. 

Ready to crunch those numbers and analyze several deals at a time with total confidence? 

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