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The two ways to build wealth (and how you can do both)

There are only two ways you can build wealth:

  • Owning a business
  • Owning real estate

As a real estate agent, you have the unique opportunity to simultaneously do both.

Once you earn enough in commissions through your business to invest in real estate, you can fast-track your way to wealth through passive income. Easy enough right?

Not exactly. 

How do you earn enough in commissions to invest?
And how do you know if you are investing wisely?  

Through a process I like to call “learn and earn”.


As a real estate agent back in 2010 I was desperate to leave the rat race of working 60+ hours per week constantly chasing after deals and clients.

It was only when I worked with investors that my business (and wealth) instantly skyrocketed.

First, I set out to buy 1-2 property rentals per year through my commissions.

Then 5 years later I snowballed and eventually made $80K net per year in cash flow from my properties. 

Because I worked with this clientele, I earned enough to invest in properties and I learned how to invest—which is why I credit this process with the name “learn and earn.”

In other words, I got paid to become a savvy property investor myself while fast-tracking my passive income and wealth.

However, this business model meant much more than passive income. It meant designing a lifestyle I needed after tirelessly working weekends, late nights, and 60+ hour work weeks barely seeing my family just to get by.

Now? I work 25 hours or less a week and take long family vacations while my business grows in the background. My team has closed 73 transactions this year, and I haven’t written a single contract.

Want to build the momentum for passive income, a million-dollar business, and design a life you and your family (or future family) deserve?

Allow me to show you how I did it. And how you can, too in our Investor Agent fast track program. You will add 100+ investors to your database, learn how to find on and off-market deals, and build a system around pitching deals to your clients. 

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