Top 5 Questions Investor Agents are asking


🤔 Curious to know if our Investor Agent Bootcamp program is right for you and the season of business you’re in? 

Well, wonder no more. 

We’ve put together a short Q&A for you based on the most common questions from our community.

Read through them yourself to see if we’ve answered one of yours. 👇🏼

  • Is the Investor Agent Bootcamp for new or experienced agents?

A: Both! An experienced agent may experience quicker results. But we’ve seen so many new agents hit the ground running and gain traction on their businesses, too!

  • How long does it take to go under contract with an investor?

A: We’ve had brand new agents go under contract in as little as 90 days for multiple deals! And experienced agents have gone under contract within their first week of the program. 

The closer you follow our framework and strategies, the faster you’ll start gaining momentum. 

  • Does the program teach me about investing personally?

A: Yes! The Bootcamp has the 5 Years to Freedom Bonus course that will teach you all about investing, finding funds, deal analysis, and how to build your team. 

  • How do I pitch deals in my local market to your investors?

A: Once you’ve met the Referral Partner qualifications, you can submit deals right away to our platform. Part of these requirements includes having experience/results from working with investors. 

  • Are investors still buying right now?

A: Absolutely. Our investors are constantly buying between 10-30 investment properties every month and are looking to buy more! 

Want to work with buy-and-hold investors and go pending in 30 days or less? Learn how to recession-proof your business for a more profitable and scalable model.

Have more questions? Comment below to get your specific questions answered. 

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