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The market shouldn’t be your barrier for success

the market

I noticed there are two groups of agents telling two different stories about the market right now. 

First, there's Group A who says the market has slowed down significantly. So they’re choosing to take the rest of the year off. 

Then there's Group B. 

Group B says that investors and buyers can access properties more easily, sellers have become more negotiable, and terms are better than before. So they're closing more deals than they have in the past 2 years.

It’s interesting how two groups of agents can have totally different approaches to the market. 

The thing is, I've learned that "the market" usually isn't the barrier to our success as agents. What holds us back are our own beliefs about what's possible and our willingness to leverage creative opportunities. 

Speaking of creative opportunities, that's what I'm here to talk to you about. 

I have something in the works to help you establish a monthly recurring revenue stream that doubles as a lead generator. 

By the way, this monthly revenue stream goes beyond typical real estate deals or even investing.  

Fall into Group A? 

This could be your chance to finish the year strong. 

Fall into Group B? 

This could be your chance to double down and make even MORE money on a monthly basis. 

If you're at all curious, hit reply with "curious" and I'll give you a sneak peek. 

Otherwise, you'll hear more about it in my next email. 





How cool would it be if your business had its own dedicated swag that brings in raving fans, referrals, and repeat business? 

Well, now it can.

My friend, Jim at Woodward Movement, is an expert at making your business feel more like a lifestyle brand with custom gifting. 

Check out his website to craft a memorable closing gift or sale anniversary that builds trust and keeps you top of mind.



Did you know we connect our 400+ investor community to our referral agents every WEEK? 

To become a referral agent, all you’ve got to have is experience working with out-of-state investors and a solid knowledge of your market – that’s it!

In the month of October alone, our referral agents closed 22 deals! 🤯

There are investors out there who want to quickly and confidently build their portfolio in YOUR market. Let us help you add  12-60+ more closings per year by applying to our referral program.



If you’re struggling to make a stable income through your real estate business right now, don’t beat yourself up. Navigating the market is hard when you don’t have a system or plan to tackle it head-on. 

Good news is, opportunities to make MORE money are out there.

Be bold. Get creative. 

Try new things others aren’t willing to try. You know you’ve got it in you. I know it too.

And if you’re open to hearing more about the creative opportunity I have in the works (that not many agents even know to exist) comment below and I’ll tell you more.  

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