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Step 1 to becoming a millionaire real estate agent (in only a few years tops)

It takes 16 years for a real estate agent to make a gross $75,000 income - a lower income than what realtors were making a few years ago.

That means in 2021, real estate agents are working the same amount, if not more, but still earning less.

You don’t deserve to live a lifestyle like this. Let alone wait sixteen years for a slightly above average income. Why not change the narrative starting now?

In this three-part series, we are teaching you the three main steps to becoming a net worth millionaire in only a few years tops:

Step 1: More consistent revenue

Step 2: Tax efficiency

Step 3: Passive income streams

Ready to build real wealth in your life in your business? Step 1 is first - more consistent revenue.

Emphasis on consistent.

As a real estate agent, it’s hard to focus on generating wealth when you’re worried about where the next deal is coming from.

Our solution is working with more investors. Clients who consistently buy properties multiple times a year meaning more consistent income in your pocket.

But the only way you can work with investors is if they are in your database first.

Inside the Academy, we teach our members how to add 100 investors to their database in only 30 days.

Don’t have any investors yet? No problem. Start by sending a survey to your current database. 

Ask your current clientele if they’ve considered investing or if they are already investing. You might be surprised with how close you are to more consistent commission income in your real estate business by finding investors already at your fingertips!

Once you have investors in your database and work with them to create consistent + six-figure revenue, Step 2 is tax efficiency, but we covered more on that here.

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