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Roles you need to outsource if you want to scale

In case you needed the reminder...

We can’t do it all.

In the real estate world, we’re taught to always go after the next deal, and rarely do we get the chance to slow down. 

Yet, we can’t continue to do everything ourselves because eventually, we will hit capacity — or maybe you already have.

Don’t wait until you receive support in your business. The key is hiring the right support before you think you need it.

Skim through the roles I highly recommend outsourcing so you can focus on closing more deals:

Transaction Coordinator: You need to focus more on income-producing activities and less on paper pushing. Transaction coordinator can take non-income producing tasks off your hands. A transaction coordinator can be a third party who is paid out of the commission, they charge between $200 - $400 per transaction. This is money well spent if it means a better client experience and more time for lead generation.

Admin Help: If you are closing 3+ properties a month, you have the capacity to hire full-time admin support. They can help with marketing, writing offers (if they are licensed), or help with showings and inspections.

A Bookkeeper: Does tax season make you want to pull your hair out? It doesn’t have to! Hiring this support only costs $250/$500 a month and it’s well worth it. Not to mention they can offer huge tax savings for you. Here’s a bookkeeper we recommend who specializes in working with real estate agents.

These are all things you shouldn’t have to spend time on because they aren’t making you money. But going out there, getting more deals WILL. 

Reply back and let us know which role you’d like to hire first. (We highly recommend a transaction coordinator but the choice is yours!)

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