[JULY NEWS] What’s trending in real estate?

trending in real estate

Finally, we’re starting to see a cooldown on the housing market. 

And agents are getting some breathing room.

Now that the era of 25+ offers on one property is over, the next question is … what should you be doing?  🤔

Even though the housing market is cooling down on offers, there’s still PLENTY of work to do.

⏰ Now is the time to follow up with sellers who had previously unrealistic prices and see if they’re willing to sell. 

It’s also the time to check in with your investor clients and update them on any current market conditions and deals. Remind them the benefits of buying NOW.

I believe we’ll have a 6-12 month window before the market takes off again. 

Have a client in mind? 

Reach out to them today! ✅

Help your clients land those deals while they can. 👏



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