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If you've been reading the Addicted to ROI blog or following Jennifer Beadles, you know that one of the fastest ways to achieve financial freedom is to build passive income streams by owning rental properties that produce cash flow.

Then to achieve the famously deemed financial freedom, these rental properties produce enough cash flow to cover your expenses so you never have to work a W2 job to cover your bills and pay for your ideal life.

Knowing that rental income can do this for you is just the first step.

Buying property and building a rental portfolio is where the rubber hits the roads. But this is where most people get stuck.

- What kind of properties should I buy?
- What markets should I buy in?
- How much should I invest in real estate and why?

These are all questions our students and community have asked us time and time again. And that's why we launched the Agents Invest Deal List and the ROI Opportunities Report. 


In the ROI Opportunities Report, we'll send you detailed information every single month on markets we invest in to show you...

  • Exactly why we invest in this specific city or market
  • Exactly what you should be investing in right now
  • How to network with investors who invest in this market
  • How to buy these investments
  • How to find a trusted on-the-ground team

Every issue is only five (5) pages long. We want to be as concise as possible because your time is your most valuable asset. You don't have time to read complex charts (plus, we do not simply copy and paste information).

Our team is taking the time to deeply research these markets and bring you the must-know information so you can make a quick, educated decision when a deal in this market lands in your inbox.

Our monthly ROI Opportunities Reports get straight to the point. No fluff.

We know this service isn’t for everyone. Some people aren’t ready yet to start really building freedom and wealth—and we understand that.

If you’re serious about getting started, click here to receive the Agents Invest Deal List. And next week, we send you the first issue of the ROI Opportunities Report