Increase your average sales price with short-term rentals


short-term rental


If you’re one of the many real estate agents out there, you’ll know that the post-pandemic market has short-term rentals in high demand. 

Ok, great. As an agent what does this mean for you? 

Most investor agents wouldn’t consider this an opportunity. They’re waiting for multifamily properties and deals to send to investors right now. 

But if you want to grow your investment portfolio and help other investors do the same - you have to see whatever happens in the market as an opportunity. 

With short-term rentals on the rise, this is an incredible opportunity to help our clients acquire both a vacation property and a cash-flowing machine.

In fact, Agents in our Bootcamp have had great success with this strategy. 

  • First, there’s Kim based in Washington. She has two rental properties in Mt Hood, Oregon - one of them is a vacation condo she’s turning into an STR
  • Then there’s Maria who’s based in Seattle. She recently sold several $1M+ properties as vacation rentals
  • Or you can be like Avery Carl with offices in several states. She and her team solely focus on vacation and short-term rental clients. She’s sold $200 million in vacation rental properties since 2017 and has a portfolio of over 30 properties of her own

That being said, there are plenty of ways you can add short-term rentals into your strategy as an investor agent in today’s market. 

Whether with STRs or any other property, not sure how to confidently analyze if a deal makes sense? 

My team and I recently launched The Deal Analysis Calculator Bundle  to help you quickly and confidently analyze different types of deals. We’ve already given you our Buy and Hold Deal Analysis Calculator for free, and now we’re offering an entire bundle.

The Deal Analysis Calculator Bundle comes with:

  • A short-term rental calculator and how-to video
  • A BRRR [buy-rent-renovate-refinance] calculator with a how-to video
  • A house hacking calculator for home buyers looking to get their feet wet with investing along with a how-to video

And so much more, so you can quickly analyze deals with confidence. 

Purchase the bundle now to use for your own deals or for your investor clients today.

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