Hire smart to scale fast



Hire smart to scale fast


Tell me if you’ve got all this on your plate for every client transaction right now:


  • Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Finding properties
  • Showing those Properties
  • Scheduling inspections for those properties

...Should I go on? I think you get the gist. 

Thinking about how I’ve scaled over 10 years, growing the team I have now, makes me think back to the first position I hired all those years ago. 

Because leveraging the talents of others is the only way to get to those 6-figure commission months (and fast).

Curious about my first hire? A transaction coordinator.

For roughly $300-$500 per transaction, they’ll take care of: 

  • Endless paperwork and admin tasks
  • Saving you up to 10 hours per transaction
  • Communicate with clients on your behalf (no more phone calls after 6 pm!)


Basically, doing all the things that don’t make you income. 

Most operate as independent contractors which means no payroll or issuing 1099’s at the end of the year 😌.


Where do you find this person? Easy. 

Ask around at your brokerage for referrals. Or you can fast-track your hire by joining David Breckheimer’s Facebook Group — The Practical Side of Real Estate Community. 

I know David personally. He’s a Real Estate Coach & Trainer and I’ve got to say, the group he’s built is full of great referral and networking opportunities. 

Once you join, make sure to tag me and say hello. I’ll look for you there. 

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