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Hire a Real Estate friendly CPA

Real Estate friendly CPA

Jimmy Luke CPA, of Titan CPA LLC in TN joins us for a wealth strategy session. He will share how investor/agents like us can set ourselves up to build lasting WEALTH! Jimmy is NOT another boring CPA. Be ready to Laugh and Learn with us!

Jimmy Luke has 40 years of tax experience, specializing in tax reduction strategies for real estate investors.

He has owned, rehabbed, and managed over 250 single-family homes over ten years, successfully selling all in one transaction to a hedge fund. In addition, he has owned, managed, and developed multiple businesses including Whole Foods, Popeyes Restaurants, apartments, commercial shopping centers and land development.

In his spare time, he has owned a hospital, data company, collection agency and been an incredible father to three adult children who are not on his cell phone plan, not in rehab and do not live in his home.

His dog, Max, thinks he works too hard but he delights in Jimmy enjoying 25-year Scotch and illegal Cuban cigars.

Did you know that you can speak with Mariah, our Director of Agent Relations 1:1, and get some of your burning questions answered?

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