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Have you grabbed your ticket?

Want to add $100,000 this year to your real estate business - without the 60+ hour weeks - and still have time to build a passive income portfolio?

The formula is simple...

When you close the right deals with the right kind of clientele you can earn consistent income in any market while working half the amount of time.

Believe me, 5 years ago I went from being the #1 agent at a brokerage closing $32M in volume but massively inching toward burnout to closing 250+ referrals a year without working weekends - no contracts and hardly leaving my desk.

You can do the same - by working with investors.

If you didn’t catch our email last week, we are hosting our semi-annual Investor Agent Summit from October 12 - October 14, 2021.

The Investor Agent Summit is a free behind-the-curtain sneak peek at how agents from coast to coast are earning 5-figure months while earning passive income through an investor-focused business.

Here’s what we’ll be covering over three days: :

  • Day 1: Close more deals with investors
  • Day 2: Build passive income streams investing in real estate
  • VIP Exclusive Day 3: Workshop and mastermind with others to kick-start investor-focused business network

Now, we realize agents are extremely packed with their schedules - which is why we made this free and as easy to access as possible.

If you’re committed to this experience and want to jump-start your path to being an investor agent, join our VIP Exclusive Day 3. It’ll be a time to workshop, network, and build connections you need to pivot into working with investors, fast.

Who wouldn’t want to have multiple income streams, scale their business, and live a life by design?

I can’t wait to hear all of your takeaways to see how the Summit will impact your business and life!


P.S. We are hiring for the Director of Agent Relations role! Feel free to look over the role description, and if you feel you are a good fit, hit the apply button, or pass the information along.

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