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DON’T do this if you want 7 figures


🚀 2021 was the first year I hit 7 figures from a single business entity – AGENTS INVEST.

Prior to Agents Invest, I was close, earning $700k - $800k a year in just one of my businesses.

But 7-figs was a big milestone for me. 

It’s taken a lot of “figuring things out” on my own. So I wanted to share some mistakes I’ve learned from over the past 13 years:  


1️⃣ Spend 24/7 working

Most people think that the only way to make extra income is to work MORE. This is absolutely false! You’ll only run yourself ragged and become unmotivated to keep working. 


2️⃣ Do everything yourself

Every agent should at MINIMUM have a transaction coordinator and eventually bring on a full-time admin. Each additional team member becomes an asset to your business,giving you the leverage to serve your clients better!


3️⃣ Not having a strong network group

I had a few connections throughout the years, but I never had such a LARGE networking group that had the same goals as I did. It’s hard to come by a group that you can trust, learn from, and share deals with. 


4️⃣ Not having a business plan nailed 

I was still figuring out the logistics of many things, but I was casting a net at every opportunity without any method. 

Do I wish I had a step-by-step path with actions to help me grow my business 12 years ago? 


So that’s why I created Agents Invest – to give agents like  you the secret sauce to reaching 7 figures. 

JOIN the Investor Agent Bootcamp to learn the exact strategies I used (and still use today!) to build a 7-figure business.

What are you waiting for? 🤔

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