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Do you own investment properties?

investment properties

Did you know that 5% of agents ACTUALLY own investment properties? 🧐

Odd when you think about it.  

Agents KNOW the value of real estate and sell it for a living. So why aren’t more of them investing? 🤔

Here’s what I’m thinking: 

  1. They prefer the larger, one-time commission checks. Not the smaller, monthly recurring revenues. 
  2. They plan short-term, not long-term. 
  3. They’re too busy working in their business, they don’t work ON their business.

The list goes on. 

Some don’t see the benefits of it, others are not educated enough on it. 

But check out the power of investing with ONE deal alone. 👇🏼

unnamed (1)
  • 6-unit in Tennessee
  • Purchased for $415,000
  • Private lender funded $385,000
  • Total out of pocket $30,000 down payment + $30,000 renovations
  • Refinance new value $530,000
  • New loan $424,000
  • Paid back PML and $40k
  • All in $20,000

Plus a year 1 cost segregation and depreciation $68,000 write-off because I’m a real estate professional = $17,000 saved on my tax bill

I snatched up this deal in a desirable place to live. Property values and rentals were rising, making it an excellent investment opportunity. 

After taxes, my initial investment was only $3,000. NOW my monthly cash flow is $1600. 💸

In just 2 months, the investment paid for itself!

Any agent can do this, and you can too. 💪

Successful investing starts with shifting your mindset around money and educating yourself on the opportunities to help you show up as a dynamic investor agent. 📖

Yes, work with investors. But also invest in yourself.

Want to work with buy-and-hold investors and go pending in 30 days or less? Learn how to recession-proof your business for a more profitable and scalable model. 

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