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Close 52 transactions every year

Right now, most agents are struggling to find quality off-market deals and convert leads.

Now, think about how much your business would scale if you could close at least one transaction a week?

Or 52 transactions a year?

Here’s the good news: we did the math, and you can.

After polling our Academy members and reviewing our own data, we discovered you can close one deal a week, simply by sending six deals to your investors.

Want to close two deals a week? Send twelve deals, and so on.

Weekly pitching doesn’t have to be hard either. It only takes two steps:

  • Schedule 90 minutes every day to analyze deals. You can use our deal calculator.
  • Any deal that makes sense, email it to your entire database including your reasons why it’s a deal worth investing in.

That’s it.

But sending that many pitches per week requires you to analyze deals quickly, and with confidence. So we’ve updated and improved our Buy & Hold Deal Analysis Calculator for agents like you who are eager to send more deals to their database.  

At a glance, you’ll be able to spot:

  • Monthly and annual cash flow
  • Cash on cash return after one year
  • Current rents & pro forma rents

And all the other numbers investors are looking for so you can confidently and quickly analyze any deal.

Want to close on 52 transactions per year (or more)?

It’s time to connect with your database and get deals in their inbox - so you can get paid big and fast.

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