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Cash-buying investor activity at an all-time high


investor activity

Let's talk about investor activity. The market is in massive demand, with very little inventory. Yet there’s still a ton of cash buying activity going around.

How much “activity” are we talking about here? 

After pulling some quick facts and figures from a recent Redfin report…


  • In the last 6 months, investors have spent 83 BILLION dollars — the highest on record
  • 74% of the investor activity was in single-family homes
  • Over 150,000 properties went to cash-heavy real estate investors
  • Investor activity has increased by 80% year over year, representing 18% of overall housing activity


You can read about it and find more interesting stats here. 


Why are these numbers so significant? 


Most of the activity is happening from investors — WITH CASH. 

Just knowing this data PROVES that today’s investors are easy to work with. 

They’re buying multiple properties. They’re causing the majority of activity in the market right now. 

And most importantly, they are out there. 

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