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Build a million-dollar business working 30 hours a week

If we said you can earn multiple 6-figures/year only working 30 hours per week in 3 simple steps, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

And I don’t blame you.

With the average real estate agent working 50+ hour weeks and only earning $50k/year, it’s easy to think only the elite ever make it to the million-dollar mark.

But quite honestly, we’re tired of seeing agents like you not tap into their full potential only to give up the freedom they craved in the first place. That’s why inside the Investor Agent Academy, we help agents across the country make six-figures minimum through working with investors.

The framework is simple:

  • Add 100 investors to your database in 30 days: We’ll teach you how to connect with investors and tap into our investor community full of investors ready to work with you 
  • Send your investors investment opportunities every week: Learn how to identify on and off-market deals your investors would be ready to snatch up at a moment’s notice
  • Create 3 revenue streams: Regular agents only have one revenue stream which is income-based. We’ll show you different ways to diversify your income so you can work less and make more

Don’t get me wrong, going through our framework and earning an extra 6-figures isn’t easy—but it should be simple.

Whether your goal is to close more deals, make more money, get your life back, or create generational wealth for you and your clients, Investor Agent Academy is designed to get you the results you’re after.

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