Agents memo #12


agents memo

Get ready for updates in our new Agents memo. There’s fear that high-interest rates will stop people from buying.

I assure you this isn’t true.  It’s a hot market out there, and things won’t cool down any time soon. 

While it may appear that people aren’t buying, investors ARE buying. 

Whether the market is high or low — investors are always looking to invest. They don’t go through the same emotional rollercoaster that most homebuyers do.  

And, 20% of transactions are happening, right now, with cash. This means agents with an investment focus can withstand any shifts in the market.

So, don’t waste time. Find investors looking to invest today.





Everyone needs a bookkeeper — especially investor agents. Don’t have someone who’s keeping track of your monthly P&Ls? 

Don’t waste time trying to do it all yourself, when your focus should be finding and selling more deals. Hire a professional bookkeeper to get you all squared away. You can find one through Quickbooks.



Our referral agents have been able to go pending and close 90 transactions this year alone! You can experience the same kind of results in your real estate business, too! 

By becoming part of our Agent Referral Program, you gain access to our database full of investors from coast to coast. AND you get to pitch your deals to them in less than 5 minutes. 

Interested in becoming a Referral Partner? 

That about wraps things up. 

If there’s one thing that should be on your radar this month it’s this — what are you doing to create a business that withstands any market?

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