Agents Invest Memo #7

Last month we hosted the Investor Agent Summit and closed the doors to our Investor Agent Bootcamp for 2021. October flew by quickly! 

But don’t worry. If you weren’t able to join, we’ve still got plenty of opportunities for learning and resources coming your way.

And of course, we’ve got some real estate trends you should take note of over the last month. Is inflation really supposed to last this long?? 

As California ends single-family-only zoning, it’s the beginning of a long road ahead to building easy and affordable housing in California. 

Federal Chair Jerome Powell states that inflation may last longer due to pressure on prices and supply bottlenecks in certain sectors. 

Higher energy prices are driving higher inflation and straining supply chains.

Co-buying continues to skyrocket due to millennials pooling in finances to make first-time home-buying purchases.



Wow! Our investor referral agents are having a banner year. I’d say closing on 204 properties and generating $1,846,000 in commissions is something worth celebrating! 

Want us to put your deals in front of hundreds of investors? Submit a deal here.



We recently made some updates with our Buy & Hold Deal Analysis Calculator and we’re sharing our latest version with you. 

Now you can analyze current & pro forma rents while tracking down payment and closing costs for your property, and so much more! 

Check out the latest version and start analyzing deals confidently by downloading it here


We’ve loved helping agents in our Bootcamp build a system to find, evaluate, and present investment opportunities to a national pool of ready investors (as well as their own investor list!). 

Here are a few wins we wanted to highlight: 

  • Haley went from a client database of 50 people to 200+ with more than 100 of her contacts being investors 
  • Emily added short-term rental opportunities in her market and is already pitching to investors
  • In less than a month, Maria sold 3 transactions totaling $4M
  • Grace pitched two deals, and the same day was in conversation with an investor about writing an offer
  • Kim created a referral relationship with Sabitha & Maria and she started her first meet-up 
  • Michael set up his vendor list and found more deals to send to investors
  • Marishka Pilch is excited to shift her primary focus to becoming an investor agent
  • Wilber currently works with with residential buyers, but said he wants to, “look for something better,” and is excited to work with investors
  • Jeff has been a realtor and active investor for 21 years and is looking to help other investors out while closing more deals in less time
  • Desiree found a deal and is looking to invest in it herself with a contractor doing a 50/50 split 
  • Maria has been licensed since February 2021 and has already closed 15 investor transactions, including several deals over $1 million

Right now, doors are closed until Spring of 2022. Want to be the first in line when doors open again? Join the waitlist here.


Rain City Capital is an asset-based lender for fix-and-flips, auction purchases, and 30-year fixed rental property loans in your LLC.

They’ve funded over $1billion in loans and over 5000 transactions for rehabs, short sales, rentals, and auction purchases. 

Because they are a local full-service lender, they’ll provide approvals in the Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas markets. 


Need a hard money lender who will prioritize smart decision-making for the long term? Rain City Capital will keep it simple and walk you through the process so you can close fast. 


That’s all we have for now as we head into November. Don’t forget to grab your FREE Buy and Hold Deal Analysis Calculator to use for your next deal. 

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