9-step plan to CLOSING 5+ deals



Are you struggling to come up with a plan for building your investor business? 

I know it can be overwhelming figuring out and planning everything as a self-led agent. 

But, what if you had a plan that would secure 5+ deals a year? 

The reality is, you DON’T need a flashy website to buy leads. You can even throw out your business cards! 

If I were to start over today as a new investor agent, THIS is EXACTLY what I would do to start closing deals. Here is my 9-step plan for closing deals:


  1. Attend weekly contract classes and find a script partner to practice with 5x a week.

  2. Hire a Transaction Coordinator so I could focus on clients and deal with lead generation.

  3. Gather a list of sales price ratios in my area and structure my buyer consult around how to win a deal in today's hot market.

  4. Organize a monthly in-person and virtual meetup for investors to attend with my lender and a property manager. 

  5. Send auto-email invites for a 1:1 call to everyone who attended my meetups.

  6. Spend 90 mins every day scouring the MLS for new and stale listings. Then send out the best deals to my investor list and text my top 5 investors about them. 

  7. Post on social media 5 days a week about the deals I'm finding, my meetups, and trends. The goal would be to show everyone I’m an investor agent. 

  8. Create a vendor list with lenders, insurance agents, inspectors, and other professionals to share with clients.

  9. Spend one hour per week answering questions on BiggerPockets.


The fancy websites and business cards are nice and shiny, but you don’t need all of that. You just have to be unique and add value to your work and trust me, you’ll succeed! 

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