5 secrets to SUCCEED with investors

5 secrets

I’ve had some new agents come to me seeking advice on how I’m always successful with my clients. 

And how I get them always coming back to me for more. 

I get it. 

It can sometimes be a bit rough connecting with investors and building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

So today, I’m sharing with you 5 TIPS FOR FINDING SUCCESS WITH INVESTORS. 🚀 

Especially with out-of-state investors — knowing what to expect and how to stay on their “good” side.


1️⃣ Build trust with proactive communication

An OOS Investor’s greatest fear is being taken advantage of. They’re not from the area, so they’re putting a lot of faith in you and the local team. They’re trusting you as the go-to agent, so BUILD TRUST by being responsive and communicating proactively. 


2️⃣ Back information with data

Be ready to answer your investor’s questions and concerns! Backup your information with reliable data. Make sure to include top reasons why an investor should buy in your market –- including major employers, rent appreciation, stability, etc. 


3️⃣ Be prepared with resources

Have a list of vendors that your investor can contact. This list can include property managers, insurance agents, commercial bankers, attorneys, etc. — anything and anyone that can facilitate their process. 


4️⃣ Share photos and videos

Investors love seeing photos and videos of properties! The more photos, the better. Videos are great for getting a feel for the property. 


5️⃣ Set expectations upfront

Do the seller self-manage and lack proper financials? Are the tenants uncooperative? Will financing be a challenge? Let an investor know upfront. They’ll appreciate your candor and transparency. You can also let them know your honest opinion about the deal. 

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