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4 deals in the U.S. hottest market

U.S. hottest market


I’d like to introduce you to Andrew, a newly licensed agent in Phoenix, AZ in the 🔥 U.S. hottest market.

Andrew was tired of feeling stuck and clueless on how to work with investors as an agent. So, he joined the Investor Agent Bootcamp back in December. 

He put in the work and went for it

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Within 3 months of starting the program, Andrew implemented our strategies and went under contract on 4 properties in one month! 

It wasn’t easy work, but he wasn’t alone either.

He hosted investor meetups, sent deals to investors, found his niche, perfected his pitch — ALL with our team there to guide him.

When you join the Investor Agent Bootcamp, you’ll learn the 3 very simple steps that helped Andrew in the U.S. hottest market, and just might help you get the same ROI — the formula is simple:

  1. Spot investment opportunities in your market
  2. Find out-of-state deals
  3. Build your own investor-buyer list through our network of buyers

Ready to put in the work and achieve MORE out of your real estate business? 

You could be our next testimonial. 

Have experience working with investors and want to add an additional 12-60 closings per year from investors coast to coast? Submit your application to learn all about the perks of becoming an Agents Referral Partner.  

Want to work with buy-and-hold investors and go pending in 30 days or less? Learn how to recession-proof your business for a more profitable and scalable model. 

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