3 ways to find motivated sellers in 2022

motivated seller



Everyone talks about wanting motivated sellers, but what does that actually mean?

And better yet, how do you find one? Because most times they feel few and far between in today’s hot market.

Motivated sellers should have two qualifications:

  • Someone who is looking to list right away
  • Someone who’s looking to list at a reasonable price


Now, let’s talk about 3 ways to find motivated sellers in 2022:


Network with property managers

Yes, it’s important for you to have property managers in your database just as much as sellers. They’re the ones who will share if and when their clients are ready to sell — an easy deal opportunity right there.


Call Craigslist for rent listings

Did you know most property owners think about selling when there’s a vacancy? Craigslist for rent listings is the place to connect with property owners who may be interested in selling. Simply call and ask if they would consider an offer on their property. If not, ask if they would be interested in joining your weekly deal list.


Connect with 1031 Intermediaries

Many investors take part in a 1031 exchange to defer taxes. Networking with 1031 Intermediaries will get you qualified leads this way and essentially, can close two sales with one client.

Which tactics will you use to consistently pull in motivated sellers like a magnet?



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