3 ways to add an extra $100k in 2022


extra $100k

Sasha Hoptiak caught up with Jennifer Beadles to discover her tips to make an extra $100k in 2022.

We all know Jennifer's intent to help us succeed, however in this particular case we are talking about how Jennifer started. She talks about tips, lessons, and mistakes she made, so you don't have to.


Three best tips to add an extra $100k are:

  • Host an investor meetup

  • Send investment opportunities on a weekly basis

  • Master deal analysis


Listen to Jennifer Beadles and Sasha Hoptiak discuss how you can earn an extra $100k in 2022! In addition, Jennifer answers questions from FB live audience.


Are you a real estate agent with big investing goals for 2022? If so, this video is for you.


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