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$1,500,000 in commission income

commission income

This year, our agent referrals partners blew their results out of the water.

With 500 investment properties closed in 2022, our agents generated a whopping $1,500,000 in commission income. And millions of dollars in passive income. 

This isn’t just about the flashy numbers though. 

This is about helping families build wealth and change lives.

Honestly, we’re just grateful to be a part of it. 

Now, I know you’ve got some big, audacious goals going into next year (as do I).

But before you unplug for the holidays, here’s a brief overview of how we can do more business together in 2023:

Option 1: Become an agent referral partner 

It’s as easy as submitting a deal and earning a commission check. Apply here


Option 2: Invest in your real estate business by joining the Investor Agent Bootcamp 

You’ll receive support and frameworks to close multiple deals on a monthly basis by working with investors. Plus, you’ll easily make 10X on your investment. I don’t say that lightly. 

(Price goes up to $1250 January 1st)


Option 3: Invest in yourself and grow your investment portfolio inside The ROI Inner Circle 

Work with me 1:1 (with the help of fellow investors) to find and fund investment properties so you can build passive income streams

My guarantee? You’ll make at least $50,000 in 12 months. If not, I’ll coach you for free until you do. 

The choice is yours. Can’t wait to see what next year holds. 



I’m bringing more value to our programs which means come 2023, prices are going up. I’ll keep this short and sweet: 

Lock in your 2022 rate for the Investor AgentBootcamp — our program to help you earn six figures working with investor clients — and you’ll save $250. 

Lock in your 2022 rate for the ROI Inner Circle — our Mastermind to help you build and scale your rental portfolio — you’ll save $2,000. 

No matter your journey, we’ll be there to support you on the other side. 


Every week, we connect our 400+ investor community to our referral agents.

How do you become a referral agent? All you need is experience working with out-of-state investors and a solid knowledge of your market — that’s it!

Year to date, our referral agents closed 155 deals! 🤯

Let us help you add  12-60+ more closings per year — apply to our referral program today.



High inflation is making more buyers — and even more sellers — back away from the market. Is this a new normal? 

43% of younger buyers are choosing to build wealth through investment properties. 

Larger real estate agencies are scrambling to find alternative sources of revenue.



Not sure how to navigate increased inventory, price reductions, and low buyer sentiment in a down market? 

On Tuesday, December 6th 10 am PT, I’ll be going live in the Investor Friendly Agent Group with our Director of Agent Relations, Mariah Petzoldt, to answer all your questions about how to thrive in a down market, or any market for that matter. 

Join the group so you can be part of the conversation



If you’ve been around for a while, you know how much I love talking about deal analysis.

So this month, we’re highlighting a new software I’ve been using to make deal analysis even easier: DoorProfit. 

DoorProfit uses AI and automated analysis tools to give an in-depth scope of properties and markets. And they also make sure it’s easy to understand. 

Their newest features help you analyze a deal in seconds. Pretty impressive, I must say. 

Interested? Give it a try here. 



I hope you and your clients had the chance to close on awesome deals this year. 

Whether you want to scale your real estate business or dip your toe into investing (or both at the same time), we’ve got your back in 2023. 

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