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15 minutes generated leads for 3+ years

Who knew 15 measly minutes could generate one lead a month for the past three years?

It seems that YouTube did. 

3 years ago I went on Facebook Live, walking through a project I took on myself. It was a new construction duplex I was building.

In my video, I was pretty transparent, and I talked about how I bought it, what I bought it for, what I sold it for, and a range of other numbers. 

No prep or fancy editing. Just face to camera breaking up a sweat as I was walking around the property site. 

I decided to post it on YouTube, and it generated 8500 views.

That may not sound like a lot in the YouTube world, but that same video has managed to generate one investor lead per month in my business for the past three years (and still does!)

Totally free. No paid ads. No additional time was spent after the initial FB live.

When looking to find investors, most agents might think they have to make grandiose efforts to get investors in their database.

The truth is, being transparent with the numbers and sharing them with the world can make a bigger impact on your business than you realize (maybe even 3 years’ worth of impact!)

Are you documenting your results and sharing those with the world? You never know who is watching.

By the way, if you want to join the conversation around clever ways of finding investors to work with, we’ve got an awesome Facebook Community from agents across the country chatting about the same thing.

Not to mention we’ll share the occasional investor client opportunity like this one:

We’d love to have you!

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