What is Agents Invest?

Agents Invest is a free service for real estate investors who are looking to work with an investor friendly real estate agent in any given area.

We found that many investors who were working with an agent often were frustrated by their agents lack of understanding when it came to real estate investing. While there are many agents who are great when it comes to working with buyers and sellers, very few understand working with fix & flip properties and purchasing rental properties.

Using our service, the investor is connected with an agent in the area that they want to invest in (or multiple areas) who has been vetted as an agent who either invests themselves, or has experience in working with investor clients.

What are the fees?

Our service is 100% free to investors. So how do we make money? We collect referral fees from agents in our network who are happy to work with investor clients we refer them so that they can spend their time doing what they do best - finding deals!

Where do we find such agents?

For years we've been networking with top investing agents and many we've personally done deals with! Every agent is interviewed by our team before they can receive referrals. It's important that we only refer high quality, reputable and knowledgeable agents!

I'm a savvy, investor friendly agent! How do I join?

For agents who want to work with investors, visit our agent page for details on the application process. If you are ready to apply, go here to submit an application.