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Founded by investment focused real estate agent and investor Jennifer Beadles, Agents Invest was created using firsthand knowledge of both sides of this often-daunting investing process.


Like many, Jennifer had spent countless hours searching online forums, calling property managers, or relying on other investors for building investment teams, especially in out-of-area locations.


Jennifer's passion was in helping other investors build investment portfolios, and found herself acting as a resource for local investors. Yet, she didn't stop there. The goal behind Agents Invest is to provide a service to investors in multiple markets across the US.


Agents Invest has become the single source, or one-stop-shop, where investors and investment-savvy agents can come together to create long-term relationships and smart partnerships.

Meet the Team


We're normal people who have a passion for investing in real estate!


With over 23 years of combined experience in flipping houses, acquiring rental properties, renovating homes, out of state investing, and land development we are passionate about helping others achieve their goals by sharing our experience.


Our mission is to help others build wealth and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Jennifer made her first real estate purchase at age 21, and was instantly hooked.

She's a master at finding creative solutions, and uses different strategies to generate high returns.

She's built single & multi-family projects, completed land developments, flipped homes, used the BRRR strategy to acquire properties, and writes about her experiences on her popular blog.

Fun fact: In addition to being an investor, and a licensed real estate agent Jennifer also holds a general contractors license, and her favorite day is demo day.

Deena photo

Deena Iverson

Investor Relations

Deena has been a real estate investor since 2006.

She owns properties in three different states, and has two vacation rentals in Eastern Washington.

Over the years Deena & her husband have flipped properties, renovated the ugliest of rental properties, and built a portfolio that will allow them to retire early.

Fun fact: Deena use to own a trucking company and still has her CDL (Commercial Drivers License).

Next Steps...

Ready to start investing? Complete your investment profile to let us know what you're looking for and we'll connect you with our preferred investment savvy agent in that location.